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Girls - Comedic

(Bubbly Quirky Millennial)

The Opposite of Sex - Comedic
(Young Adult Coming of Age)

Modern Opera - Comedic

(Creeped Out Girlfriend)

The Betrayal - Drama

(Caring Friend, Frustrated Lawyer)

Good Will Hunting - Drama

(Confused/Hurt Girlfriend)

OrangeAid - Comedy Web Series

(Deadpan, Con Artist, Palm Reader)

Secretary - Drama

(Playful/Vulnerable Young Woman)

Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Rom. Com.

(Obsessive/Neurotic Girl)

In Your Dreams - Short Horror Film

(Uncomfortable, Scared Girlfriend)

Pretty Woman - Rom. Com.

(Prostitute w/ Heart of Gold)

Bones - Crime Drama

(Brainy Quirky Forensic Scientist)

NYC Detective - Comedy

(Driven/Frustrated New Detective)

Brainy Quirky Teen/Young Adult Slate

Happy Confident Young Adult Slate

Calm Cool Sexy Adult Slate

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